St Herman Calendar 2020

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The St. Herman Calendar 2020 is dedicated to the history of Orthodoxy in Norway, the westernmost of the Scandinavian countries. The lead article, by a Norwegian parish priest, Fr. Theodor Svane, traces the history of Orthodoxy in his country from the tenth century, when its beginnings were influenced by the newly baptized state of ancient Rus’, through its disappearance during the periods of Roman Catholic rule and the subsequent Protestant Reformation, to its reappearance there in the early twentieth century. Fr. Theodor recounts the lives of influential saints, such as St. Sunniva (†10th c.) and St. Olav (†1030), Norway’s patron saint, and provides an overview of the growing number of Orthodox Christians and parishes in Norway. Also included in this year’s Calendar are brief biographies and icons of some of Norway’s saints, as well as brief descriptions of parishes and holy places of Norway.

The Orthodox (Julian, or “Old”) Calendar, with corresponding civil dates. A complete Calendar of Orthodox saints, Scripture readings, and fasting guidelines for every day of the year, together with a listing of uncanonized righteous ones of recent centuries. 


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