Candles, charcoal and international orders

We also sell charcoal and candles, and can ship store items overseas, but at present, because of shipping rates, we can only offer these items for sale through cheque.

To purchase candles, charcoals or submit an international order, please simply complete our contact form, telling us what you would like. We will then send you the items with an invoice including the cost of postage and packaging. Please note that the postage/carriage on all candle and charcoal orders will be charged at actual cost.


SGOIS' famous unbleached, hand dipped candles are made on site at the College of Our Lady of Mettingham, and are available in the following sizes:

Large Votive Candles 10" x 1/2" £16.00 per 100

Medium Votive Candles £14.00 per 100

Tapers in bundles of 200 £17.95


Boxes of 80 basic tablets £6.75

Boxes of 100 (slightly larger sized) tablets £7.95

International orders

All of our store items can be shipped overseas but please contact us first so that we can arrange this.